Article Post on 25 September 2012

Luxembourg Maritime Administration's “Guichet Unique”

Within the framework of the Luxembourg Government e-services campaign, the Luxembourg Maritime Administration recently announced the implementation of an electronic single window interface (“Guichet Unique”). It will allow the electronic processing of the following application forms:

  • Seamen :
    • application for a Seamen’s book
    • application for Recognition of Certificates of Competency (RCC)
  • Vessel registration forms :
    • demande d’immatriculation – Pleine immatriculation
    • demande d’autorisation de frètement coque nue
    • demande d’affrètement coque nue
  • Vessel registration renewal forms :
    • renouvellement d’un certificat de pleine immatriculation
    • renouvellement d’un certificat de frètement coque nue
    • renouvellement d’un certificat d’affrètement coque nue
  • Accredited Maritime Companies :
    • Demande d’agrément d’une entreprise maritime agréée
    • Demande d’agrément d’un dirigeant d’entreprise maritime agréé

The official launch date of this new system is on 31 October 2012 and paper forms will no longer be accepted as of 1 March 20131. In order to take advantage of the secured access to these services, a LuxTrust Card – system allowing online authentication and electronic signature on messages or transactions - will be necessary.


1 An exception is made for :
Seafarers applying personally and in their own name for a seamen’s book
Applications not covered by guichet unique
Temporary technical problems denying use of guichet unique

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