Aviation & Maritime

Dedicated Offerings

_Luxembourg is a place of choice to finance, lease or register aircrafts and ships thanks to a favourable tax and legal framework. For a decade, Wildgen lawyers have been developing their aviation & maritime practice, making it a first class adviser for airlines and shipping companies using Luxembourg as a centre of development for their international activities.

Through its way of working and its various activities, our department illustrates the organisation and policy of the firm as a whole even on what appears to be a highly-specialised branch of the law. We provide our clients with a high level of experience, expert consultancy, wide and varied fields of intervention and full service to accompany them through the whole process.
We assist and advise you on the following topics:

  • Legal and administrative process of registration and de-registration of aircraft and ship,
  • Liaising with the relevant public authorities,
  • Purchase, leasing and maintenance of aircraft and ships,
  • Transport agreements:
    • terms of business,
    • lease and/or management contracts,
    • international carriage agreements,
    • insurance policies,
  • Cross-border legal and tax issues,
  • Implementation and negotiations of transactions,
  • Aircraft and ships finance based on tax-driven mortgage credits,
  • Banking structures.

Wildgen bases its expertise on a thorough knowledge of Luxembourg aviation and maritime law and especially of its legislation relating to commercial transportation, competition and regulatory law issues combined with tax knowledge, more precisely in the area of VAT.