W4 innovation

Dedicated Offerings

_Most start-up founders have many ideas but little budget for preliminary legal analysis. They consequently may make mistakes that will impact the future of their business. Usual pressing questions are: Is my idea subject to protection? How could I limit my personal liability? Which type of legal company will I opt for? How do I combine growth and tax implications? What’s the trademark’s filing strategy to be covered?

At Wildgen, our innovation team often sees concepts coming to life and entering the marketplace without legal guidance, which is risky business. By combined expertise and support to entrepreneurship, our lawyers challenge projects on their innovative side and deliver high level of guidance to protect legal interests of their clients. We make the most of the experience we have gained in advising and representing well-established and successful businesses in various economic sectors (Biotech, ICT, CleanTech, Energy, Media industry, Food concept store..) and we help them to find the appropriate solutions tailored to the needs of start-ups while respecting their requirements for quality, budget and responsiveness. 

Legal services we dedicate to start-up businesses are provided to embed innovation into a corporate vision and culture.
Great ideas deserve great support and this is exactly what Wildgen 4 Innovation aims at.

Through the Wildgen 4 Innovation project, we guide qualified start-up businesses that require, in their early stages, a specific assistance on:

  • Ideas protection,
  • Company implementation,
  • Seed investment,
  • Intellectual property,
  • Ownership of work produced,
  • Director’s duties,
  • Regulatory and contract law,
  • Labour law,
  • Tax aspects,
  • Litigation anticipation, and
  • Circular economy.

Our lawyers serve them based upon five guiding principles:

  • Reliability: a prior phone call determines the scope of needs on which we may help;
  • Efficiency: the team is well-experienced and covers all areas from the very early days of the project to the various steps of business development and continuity of the company;
  • Accuracy: the team gathers people embracing a real passion for innovation;
  • Flexibility: alternative arrangements to hourly fees are proposed : pro-bono services, flexible rates, and tailored comprehensive packages. 
  • Openness: the team includes various nationalities and speaks several languages.