Among the different causes we support through our CSR initiatives, one emerged from a true passion: ART.

Wildgen 4 Art (W4A) has been created to combine art with law, artistic patronage with legal expertise, and to bring art-loving lawyers together in a single team. W4A covers two distinct areas: the first is fully integrated in our social objective, and the second is dedicated legal services where our lawyers are committed to the growth and protection of their clients' interests.


Wildgen has always had a strong interest in art. Our firm has an impressive collection of contemporary artworks and our offices are lined with works of art by established and emerging artists, to the delight of guests and staff alike.

Wildgen’s passion for art has fuelled a desire to support local and emerging artists. Every year, we invite a number to exhibit their works and introduce them to our clients. Our organisation promotes artistic movements, nurtures young artists, and encourages innovation. Our commitment to the arts is the reason we are a founding member of the Luxembourg Association for Art Galleries and Practitioners (LAFA), offer pro-bono guidance to young artists and we will be supporting Esch 2022 as European Capital of Culture.


Law and art tend to be separate, but they are not incompatible. Artistic perspective and culture are important in legal interpretation, so using our legal expertise in this initiative was obvious.

Art law is part of the skillset held by our dedicated lawyers, and they are thrilled to use their knowledge to serve the W4A initiative. They help creators and art galleries to protect their art, advise new players in the sector due to the digitalisation of the art market, and assist high-net-worth individuals in managing their collections and assets.

Innovation and creation are the driving forces behind the development of a country, and we remain convinced of the role that contemporary art plays in the development of Luxembourg's socio-economic, cultural, and educational landscape. We urge private sector players to embrace this trend and recognise its strength and value.


Luxembourg is a small country but one with a significant economic influence within the European Union. It is one of the leading private banking centres, which offers many advantages for private and institutional investors worldwide. Investors are becoming ever more interested in tangible assets such as wine, gold, and art, now perceived as safe haven assets...

The Luxembourg government has made art a part of its diversification strategy in the ongoing development of the financial center, turning it into an efficient and better-managed investment. The evolution of art and governmental strategy has clearly created new business opportunities in Luxembourg, and has required the adaptation of law and regulations. 

This country is a valuable arena for encouraging new talent and artists, which is also Wildgen 4 Art’s main objective, as it endeavours to bring together artistic creativity and legal expertise.

Wildgen Key Contact:

Dr. Eric Perru, Partner

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