One of our core values and objectives is to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace and to develop the outreach initiatives needed to ensure that such values and objectives are shared by everyone at our firm.

Our firm has been active in international business for more than three decades, serving clients worldwide. It’s no coincidence that the diversity of our staff matches that of our client base. Wildgen has been developing business internationally since the firm’s foundation in 1923 and our lawyers are constantly on the move between the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, the Nordic countries, North America and other financial hubs, juggling conference calls and switching from language to language. 

Our ability to serve a diverse client base and to understand and operate in a multicultural world is driven in large part by our own make-up, which comprises more than 15 nationalities and speakers of around 15 languages. This diversity not only expands the firm’s collective knowledge and experience but leads to innovation, creativity, and greater understanding of the ethnic, social and cultural background of its clients. Its ethos is an inclusive culture that embraces diversity in all its forms and integrates these values into every aspect of its business.

Wildgen’s recognition of gender equality is seen in the representation of women throughout the firm and critically in its top management, like senior partner Samia Rabia, chosen by Luxembourg as an ambassador for women in business. Our partnership illustrates perfectly Wildgen’s stance simultaneously as a national and cosmopolitan melting pot and an equal opportunities organisation.

Diversity is a business imperative but, no less important, a moral imperative.

Diversity, to us, means recognising, accepting and including differences, such as race, gender, and sexual orientation.

W4 Diversity Initiatives

for a united and unique law firm

On 24 September 2013, we signed the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg, signalling our commitment to employ practical measures to fight all forms of discrimination and our encouragement of equal opportunities and diversity as a source of enrichment, innovation, progress and social cohesion.