Even in Luxembourg’s financial centre, quite surprisingly, WOMEN do not necessarily get the kind of assistance they need to boost their career or advance in their professional development. At Wildgen, we want to encourage WOMEN to invest in their education, to gain confidence, skills and success in order to reach senior positions and, in turn, to help other WOMEN do the same. 

By implementing the Wildgen 4 Women initiative in cooperation with our valuable partners, we will assist WOMEN whenever and wherever the need arises. We will establish committees for leadership and business development and create fantastic opportunities to meet like-minded WOMEN and connect with peers, mentors and sponsors.

“At the core of this initiative is the desire for expanded access to learning, leveraging and leadership opportunities.”

Our programme aims at providing ideas that will positively influence banking, financial and legal industry perceptions and practices, and facilitate an environment that supports WOMEN’s advancement. By organising WOMEN-only events and training sessions, our goal is to engage WOMEN in leadership opportunities and develop the appropriate skills, to increase their legal knowledge and to provide guidance and mentoring.


_Wildgen 4 Women is in collaboration with:


Asian University for Women Charte de la Diversité  

Wildgen 4 Women focuses on three key points for a successful career:  Learning, Leveraging, Leading

Wildgen 4 Women: Learning, Leveraging, Leading